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The altruistic meme ... meme ... PART


ethologist Richard Dawkins is a biologist who has developed a new theory of evolution that sets out in a very interesting book, "The Selfish Gene" by stating, in broad terms, that man is only a car driven by orders preprogrammed genes that they "think" exclusively for their survival and reproduction, hence the "selfish" But Dawkins has laid the foundations for thought for our future development that will no longer be at a physical level but on a cultural coining a new term and a new science: the meme and memetics.

The meme is a unit of information, a concept that self-reproduces the transfer and spread among human minds.

"According to Dawkins cultures can evolve in a manner similar to how people are evolving and living organisms. Many of the ideas that pass from one generation to the next can increase or decrease the chances of survival of the generation that receives them, which in turn will forward it "

This extract of Wikipedia's what struck me when I read "The Selfish Gene" and what inspired me to write the post you are reading.
culture that exists today, universally understood as a set of all the cultures of the peoples of the planet, is still in the early steps of the evolutionary memetic but we are not monkeys, and we stand already for quite a while and we started building the first instruments to communicate but the road leading to the conquest of space is still very long.

must begin to think that a society richer in no way reflected a happier society, we must imbue our culture of healthy and real human values \u200b\u200bwill be This is the force that will give our memetic evolution push it needs.

Memetics has the advantage that it can be somewhat directional: it is to love our neighbor, with altruism, with the progressive lack of interest in all that is ephemeral and material that we will have our Re-Evolution .

In the movie "Planet Green" by Coline Serreau shows a society of advanced alien beings who live in close contact with nature and have almost forgotten what they were in ancient times. In the meeting held at the beginning of the film state in which we find ourselves is called "industrial age" in which their case is synonymous with prehistory later in the film two boys told a terrestrial aliens to their industrial period followed the era of "great process" to those who manufacture products harmful to health and then the "boycott" or the joint decision of people to stop buying and throw everything that is harmful to its knees by putting power: the "Chaos Pre-Renaissance."

Our age requires the awakening of altruism. We will not qualify for a better world but our sacrifices saved our descendents. A return to equilibrium with altruism is certainly a social trauma that we We stand for our children, we must be the boycotters will live chaos pre-renaissance which is spoken in the film of Serreau or let our fear we steal the glory from that will still brave the inevitable future generations.

Dawkins The second gene is selfish for the simple fact that the most natural feeling for letting him survive until it get to our stage of evolution is selfishness. I wanted to give the adjective altruistic meme because I think it's more natural feeling for the continuity of our species and that the title will become a meme for people who are reading it and spreading a message of hope and yet the basis of evolution uncertain that we can give us will be accelerated, but in any case and for what inevitably evolves better not to die.

Each individual must turn in himself a new consciousness that will spread and will radiate with the other on the future of the human species simply making a choice and mine is to give the meme was born in this era the best adjective to accompany him into the next era, I chose him for altruism and hope to kindle in you the same virtue, or if you want a better one.



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